Platform Bed with Lightbridge

This bed is made of mahagony and padauk. The `slabs’ of the platform are built using a `hollow-core’ construction for rigidity, using 3/4″ plywood. This is covered with 3/4″ mahagony resawn to a thickness of 1/4″, book-matched (left platform is book-matched to right).


Padauk and Mahogany Bed.


The headboard is also built using hollow-core construction, with a skin of mahogany plywood (central region), book-matched padauk strips, and book-matched mahogany strips.

A closer look at the headboard.


The lightbridge features a book-matched piece of highly-figured mahogany, bordered with padauk strips that include sapwood (book-matched, of course). There are halogen bulbs as up-lights, and incandescent bulbs as reading lights. The wiring is hidden inside the vertical posts running down from the lightbridge


Lightbridge, made from highly-figured mahogany, book-matched, with padauk trim.