Porch Bar

The largest project I have undertaken so far was the construction of a bar on our porch. In addition to the woodworking challenges, I had to accommodate water and electrical connections.

The body of the bar is ipe, with the two bar surfaces made of padauk. These two surfaces have been left with sapwood and their `live-edge’ shape. The copper in the bar was pounded (by me). The sink is copper, as is the faucet.

Porch Bar

Padauk bar surfaces, showing the sapwood and the live-edges.

The doors for the bar are held together by copper rivets, four in each corner. These can be seen in the pictures below. You can also see the outlet covers in the shape of fish (requested by my wife), made out of padauk.

Pictures showing the copper rivets in the doors, and the hand-carved covers on the electrical outlets.

The back of the bar is tongue-and-groove ipe, with copper inserts.

Tongue-and-grove ipe on the back of the bar.
A closer view of the sink and faucet.