I started woodworking about 25 years ago (it has been THAT long?), when we moved into a new house with a large, empty loft that cried out for built-in bookcases, CD-racks and desks. It occurred to me that I could possibly do this myself, and I went out and purchased a few books and some of the necessary tools. Since then, I have made a number of items, many of which are featured on these pages. Unfortunately, the loft that inspired this hobby was still untouched when we moved from Virginia to Florida.

More recently, I have been selling items I have made at a number of art shows around North (and North-ish) Florida, including Tallahassee, Havana, Gainesville, Miramar Beach, Ocala, Jacksonville and Deland. Many of the items that I have made for use around our home, as well as some that have been made for sale, are shown in these pages. Items that are now available for purchase may be different from items shown on the Shop pages. Please contact me (through the contact page) before attempting to purchase anything from these pages.