Coffee and End Tables

The designs for these zebrawood end tables are by John Bickel, and are featured in the book Making Contemporary Wooden Tables by Thomas Stender.. This table is Bickel’s design (Glass Top T Table).  The finish is a burnished oil finish followed by a coat of wax.

Zebrawood end table.

I made two other end tables, with small modifications of Bickel’s design.

Zebrawood end table, modified design.


Zebrawood end table, modified design.

The design for this coffee table grew out of the need to modify John Bickel’s `Glass Top T Table’ (the first of the end tables), to stably support the larger piece of glass required for this coffee table. Because of the resemblance to the Greek letter Pi (Π), I call this table `Glass/Π;’ (Glass on Pi).


Zebrawood coffee table.


Glass/Π (Glass on Pi).