Dragon Stories: Slain By A Knight?




Many of the cultures of Earth have at least one legend of a knight, or some other noble person, slaying a dragon, often to rescue a princess. Few, if any, of these legends ever delve more deeply into the dragon’s comings and goings.  For instance, how far was the dragon’s lair from where it was slain, and was the lair explored after the dragon was slain?

It appears that, at least in one case, the lair of the dragon was found, millennia after its death. Spelunkers exploring caves in the northern Sahara stumbled upon a lair that would be consistent with one version of the legend of the knight and the dragon. In this cave were a few egg-shaped objects that were first thought to be rocks, but were later identified as eggs, most likely dragons eggs. It is commonly expected that, after such a long time, the eggs would have turned to stone, but that was clearly not the case for some of the eggs in this find.. This is one of those eggs. Will it hatch eventually? With dragons, you never really know…!